Welcome to Tangled Tails Pet Spa


Due to the ongoing risks associated with COVID-19, for the safety of our clients and staff, we will be implementing changes to our pet intake/outtake procedures.

These measures have been put into place to reduce the risk of transmission of COVID-19 and other illness and are done with the health and wellness of our clients and staff in mind. We ask that you respect our choice in this.


If you arrive and see there is another client in the reception area, please wait outside or in your vehicle so that physical distancing recommendations can be met. Alternatively, we will ask our current client to move away from the door so you can enter if it safe to do so. If we don't see you drive up or hear you knock, text 780-307-1595 to let us know that you have arrived.

Please wear a mask as per current AHS recommendations. We will not deny service to anyone who chooses not to wear a mask, but we will ask you to put your pet in our drop off pen by the front door to reduce physical contact.


The debit machine will be on the table near to the front door.


We are currently accepting debit, cash, cheque and etransfer payments. If you choose to e-transfer, please send to: kc@tangledtailspetspa.ca - - - As always we do NOT accept credit card payments.


If you are feeling unwell or showing any symptoms of illness, no matter how mild – STAY HOME! We will reschedule your pet's grooming appointment. If you bring your pet for their appointment and you are obviously ill, you and your pet will be sent home, no exceptions. Failure to comply with this request will not be tolerated and will be grounds for refusal to groom your pet in the future.